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v6.12 Released on Web: Checkbox Status for Quests

· 3 min read
HeroMode v6.12 on web adds checkbox status to quest body.

We've just released HeroMode v6.12 to the web app. This release adds checkbox status to the body of the quest, so you can get a quick glance on the status of your sub-tasks within a quest!

Use Cases for Quest Checkboxes

Quest checkboxes are a great way to further organize your tasks.

For example, you might use checkboxes to keep track of sub-tasks for a quest:

Use quest checkboxes for sub-tasks.

I also love using checkboxes to track my exercise routines, which consist of many little steps. Being able to check off a checkbox after completing each step, or each rep, gives me the extra boost of motivation to keep going!

Use quest checkboxes to track workout routines.

And, of course, the classic use case for checkboxes: grocery list!

Use quest checkboxes to track grocery list, or any other list.

Having the checkbox status automatically appearing in the quest body is particularly helpful in the Home Screen. Now, as you look through your open quests, it's easy to see the status of those quests that have checkboxes.

See checkbox status for a quest in the Home Screen.

Tips on Using Checkboxes

Given that checkboxes are so versatile, and HeroMode has so many functionalities, here are some tips that came from common questions we have heard:

  • You don't have to check all the checkboxes before completing a quest.
  • You can edit checkboxes. You can also delete them. Moreover, you can sort checkboxes as well.
  • Each Quest should still be a bite-sized, easy to accomplish task. A Quest should never take more than a day to do, even if you have set up checkboxes for the quest. Remember, it's all about staying motivated!
  • Checkboxes are not factored into points or coins. You get your chosen amount of points and coins when you complete the Quest.
  • So you can think of Checkboxes as a way to stay organized with sub-tasks. Or keep track of repetitive sub-routines (such as reps, laps, or drills in a workout).

Checking Your HeroMode Version

v6.12 is now available in the HeroMode web app, so if you refresh your browser, you should get the latest app version. But how do you make sure you are using the latest version?

In the HeroMode app, you can navigate to the Hero Screen. Scroll to the bottom, and you will get a lot of extra information, including your current app version. Each version of HeroMode is documented in our User Guide.

Checking your HeroMode app version in the Hero Screen.

Of course, if you have any questions on HeroMode features, you can also simply contact us. You can reach us at!