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· 6 min read
motivation management is the new time management

We've been taught to manage time with sophisticated tools and frameworks. And we should; time is a precious and limited resource. But what about another resource that has proven to be a key driver to productivity, motivation? In today's post, we explore why motivation management is the rising star in the productivity conversation. And of course, it has something to do with AI!

· 6 min read
motivation is a superpower

Motivation is truly a superpower, and with the right strategies, it's possible to unlock its potential to achieve seemingly impossible challenges. In today's post, we explore insights from Daniel Pink's book, "Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us" and his TED talk, "The Puzzle of Motivation." We look at the traditional carrot-and-stick approach, and then break down the puzzle of motivation into its three key elements: autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Lastly, we discuss how HeroMode taps into intrinsic motivation to help people reach their goals. You too can unlock the superpower of motivation with HeroMode!

· 3 min read
HeroMode piggy rewards system now available!

We had a couple of HeroMode releases last week. In v4.3, we improved the iPad layout to make it more consistent with the iPhone and web experience. And in the most recent v4.4 release, the Piggy Reward System is now available! With the Piggy Reward System, you can define rewards that motivate you. When you complete quests, you can earn coins that you can use to redeem rewards. We hope you will find Piggy to be a motivating addition to HeroMode!

· 6 min read
fishing is fun for many, but yet not so fun for others, because fun is personal

Recently, I came across a TED talk about the importance of having fun. As someone who is a big advocate of using fun for productivity, I was excited to see that there is scientific evidence that backs up the importance of fun. Afterall, we are building HeroMode to make getting stuff done more fun! So in this post, we explore why fun is a key ingredient for both work and life, and how to leverage fun as a superpower for productivity.

· 4 min read
heromode can help you stay away from bad habits, such as browsing reddit excessively

HeroMode can be used in many different ways. In a previous post, I had described how I use HeroMode to break my Reddit habit. And since then, I have been successful in staying away from Reddit for many months! However, recently, I noticed a bug in my activity calendar, breaking my Reddit streak. This is of course unacceptable! So we implemented a data sync improvement, which has been released in v4.1. Now I can see my Reddit-free streak hitting more than 180 days!

· 8 min read
heromode can be used as a habit tracker

Do you have a new habit you'd like to adopt? Here we lay out the three simple steps to use HeroMode as a Habit Tracker:

  1. Create an Adventure for the New Habit
  2. Create a Repeat Quest for the Task Associated With the Habit
  3. See Your Progress With Metrics and Activity Calendar

We also provide some additional tips to make your habit building journey joyful and successful.

· 8 min read
heromode can help you stay away from bad habits

HeroMode can be used in many different ways. In today's post, I describe how I use HeroMode to break my Reddit habit. These are the steps I took:

  • Creating an Adventure called "Bye bye Reddit"
  • Within this Adventure, set up a daily repeat quest for "No Reddit today"
  • I used to browse Reddit most heavily at night, so I have this repeat quest automatically created at 10pm each day
  • Each day, I try to complete the quest of "No Reddit today"
  • With Activity Calendar and Streak, I have been able to stay away from Reddit over the last few months!