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HeroMode Piggy: A Very Oink Oink Sneak Peek

· 4 min read
HeroMode Piggy Sneak Peek

We are currently working on a new motivation feature for HeroMode, called "Piggy". Piggy is a reward system where you can collect coins as you complete quests, and use the coins to redeem rewards. In this post, we'll give you a sneak peek of what it looks like!

We have been releasing new v4 features over the last few weeks. With these updates, we have revamped the HeroMode UI, and introduced Adventure Templates. These improvements are all parts of the v4 roadmap, designed to make user experience smoother, easier, and more joyful.

Now we are working on making HeroMode more motivating, so that getting stuff done would be more fun (Motivation as a Service? MaaS?). We had proposed two motivation features: Leveling Up and Piggy Bank. We are currently working on Piggy Bank, and in today's post, I'll give you a quick sneak peek of what it looks like!

A New Piggy Screen

Currently, on the bottom navigation bar, we have three tabs: "Quests", "Adventures", and "Hero".

We are adding a new screen for the Piggy experience:

the new piggy experience screen

Above: The new Piggy screen.

Within the Piggy screen, there are three main sections:

  • Piggy Bank: displays how many coins you have. You get coins by completing quests!

  • Your Rewards Chest: displays rewards you can redeem with coins. You can add, edit, or delete rewards.

  • Redeemed Rewards: lists the rewards you have previously redeemed.

creating a new rewardediting a reward

Above: Creating a new reward and editing a reward.

Rewards Customization

Like many things in HeroMode, we feel it's important that users can customize the look of their rewards. But we have also learned that it needs to be effortless.

So, for Piggy Rewards, you can pick your own emoji and color to represent your reward. But default options are pre-selected for you if you don't need the customization.

Picking an emoji to represent your rewardpicking a color for your reward

Above: Rewards customization.

The Piggy Economy: Points-to-Coins Conversion

We are making the Piggy Economy extremely simple. You get coins by completing quests, and each point is converted to 1 coin. Also, Piggy Economy does not have fractions, so 0.1 point will not be converted to Piggy Coin. This is because the (fictional) Piggy Federal Reserve only mints integer coins.

  • Completing a quest with 3 points: 3 Piggy Coins
  • Completing a quest with 2 points: 2 Piggy Coins
  • Completing a quest with 1 point: 1 Piggy Coin
  • Completing a quest with 0.1 or 0 points: 0 Piggy Coins
Getting Coins

Above: Completing a quest with at least 1 point will get you coins!

Control Your "Motivation as a Service"

Sorry to use "MaaS" again. I "MaaS" stop doing it. But as a developer, that's how I view HeroMode. I find myself using HeroMode not just to organize my tasks, but more importantly to motivate me. Like I had mentioned before, I don't really need HeroMode for things I already want to do. I used HeroMode for everything that I need a little nudge for (which is most of the things).

The new Piggy feature is an additional motivation tool. So we want users to have full control on when they want to use it. For example, you might not want to convert points to coins for some of your quests.

For this reason, we have added a toggle in the Adventure detail view. You can toggle on and off if you'd like quests in this Adventure to be eligible for Piggy Coins. By default, it is on. But you can turn it off for Adventures that you don't need the extra motivation, or for whichever way you'd like to shape your own Piggy Economy.

Option to include or exclude an adventure from Piggy Economy.

Above: Option to include or exclude an adventure from Piggy Economy.

Piggy Will See You Soon!

We are currently working on completing the Piggy feature. We hope to be able to bring it to our users soon!