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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not answered here, you can email us at


HeroMode is a task management system built to motivate you. Think of all the tasks you need to do. Most of them are not exciting, but you simply need to do them. HeroMode is like the sugar coating that makes the medicine more palatable. By applying behavioral science, HeroMode helps you get more done, joyfully.

We use HeroMode for every aspects of our Work and Life! HeroMode can be used to track tasks and projects, organize chores and make them more appealing, share action items with buddies, manage your habits and routines, and just generally make being productive easier and more fun.

Absolutely! We have a Free Hero tier that includes all major HeroMode functionalities. See our Pricing page ( for more details.

We have a full product documentation at HeroGuide ( It contains quite a bit of information. Maybe too much information. You can also find a lot of usage examples and the latest product updates at the HeroMode blog (

If you encounter any product issue, don't hesitate to email us at We will get back to you ASAP!


Within the HeroMode app, when you are logged into your account, use the bottom navigation bar to go to your "Hero" page. On the bottom of the "Hero" page, select "Manage Account". There, you can upgrade to Full Hero.

Once upgraded to Full Hero, you can revert back to Free Hero anytime. Go to "Hero" → "Manage Account". There, you have the "Manage Subscription" button. Depending on which platform you used to upgrade, this button will take you to the corresponding subscription management page.

Forever! Or, in the spirit of "never say forever", you can be on the Free Hero tier for as long as HeroMode exists. And we are very, very interested in the continued existence of HeroMode because we have come to rely on HeroMode for all aspects of our Work and Life.

Yes! We are sorry to hear if HeroMode is not what you need. If you are so kind, we would love to learn what you did not like at You can cancel your Full Hero subscription anytime with the "Manage Subscription" button. You can also delete your account with the "Delete Account" button in the same page.

We take data privacy very seriously. HeroMode uses end-to-end encryption, and we leverage the latest Google Cloud technologies ( to manage authentication- and permission-based data access. When a user is deleted from HeroMode, their data is also deleted. See our Privacy Policy ( for more information.


We love documenting how HeroMode users have used HeroMode to achieve their goals. You can see these success stories featured on our blog at If you'd like to share one (and make our day), email us at

In the HeroMode blog, we also document tips for achieving your goals at You can also directly get in touch with a HeroMode Growth Expert at, and we'd be more than happy to make personalized recommendations on how HeroMode can best help you.

We love feature ideas from our users! In fact, most of the existing HeroMode functionalities come from beta users. Email us with your suggestions at