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The Joyful Productivity App

Organize. Motivate. Accomplish.

Behavioral Science, IRL

A Task Management System that Motivates You

Is it possible to get more done while living a joyful life? For that, we need to apply learnings from Behavioral Science. We built HeroMode to make getting stuff done take less effort, willpower, and self-control.

Mindset matters. Cognitive reframing has been shown in research studies to be very effective. HeroMode reframes project, goals, and establishing new habits as Adventures. Tasks, to-do's, and action items are organized as Quests.

Immediate Rewards

The paradox of progress is that we need to take actions now, but results won't manifest until much later. HeroMode provides immediate rewards when you complete each quest: points! So every small step you take is counted and rewarded.

Joyful Rinse & Repeat

Making progress almost always requires repetition. In fact, the habit loop is all about rinse and repeat! HeroMode makes repetition easy and joyful. Before you know it, you've built a new routine with Repeat Quests.

Visualize Progress

Who doesn't like a pat on the back for a job well done? HeroMode provides many ways to monitor and visualize your progress. You can see your Activity Calendars, count streaks, get points by day, by week, and by month, and even break down the stats by Adventure.

Purposeful Goals

You are more motivated to work on your goal when there's a meaningful purpose. Customize your Adventure to communicate that purpose to yourself every time you work on a quest. You can also add custom Milestones to your Adventure!

Power of Social

We can go further with our resolutions, projects, and goals when we leverage the power of social. HeroMode's buddy system lets you collaborate on projects, share the workload, or even have friendly competitions to motivate each other.

Deep Organization

Functionalities that Help You Get Stuff Done

HeroMode comes with many features that help you prioritize, stay focused, take notes, track progress, and celebrate every meaningful progress you achieve!
Beautiful Adventures

Customize your adventures so they speak your purpose and aesthetics.

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Organized To-do List

Quests are organized by their adventures, and you toggle to prioritize.

Complete Quest, Get Points

Get immediate gratification when you complete each baby step.

Deeper Organization with Checkboxes

Break a small task into even smaller sub-tasks.

Take Notes for Quest

Add text or images to record learnings as you conquer your quests.

Adventure Buddies

Collaborate and share workload with Buddies. Assign quests and track status.

Repeat Quests

Create recurring quests to build habits and establish positive routines.

Quest Locking

Set up a reminder by locking a quest until a future time. Or chain up quests by dependency to focus on one task at a time.

All Your Quests, One Place

See all the quests oranized by adventure, including repeat and locked quests.

Activity Calendar and Stats

Visualize your progress with Activity Calendar, and get stats by day, week, or month.

Points Breakdown

Analyze your points by adventure and by time (daily, weekly, monthly). See how you are spending your time.

Adventure Milestones

Create your own custom milestones and celebrate every meaningful achievement!

Cross Platform

Available on Mobile and Web

You can use HeroMode both on your iPhone and Computer. So whether you are sitting at a desk, or on the go, your Adventures and Quests are right there for you. The HeroMode Chrome Extension allows you to embed HeroMode directly into your productivity workflow. Android app is coming soon!

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