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Quest Detail

Tapping on any quest in the Home Screen takes you to its Quest Detail Screen. In the Quest Detail Screen, you can edit a new or existing quest, view additional quest information, or take other quest actions.

Add Quest

When you add a new quest, you have many options to customize and organize it.

adding a quest

  • Description: This is the title of your quest, for example, "do laundry", "read chapter 8", or "write a blog post".

  • Points: Number of points you will earn when you complete this quest.

  • Pick Adventure: Categorize this quest as part of an adventure. For example, "do laundry" might be part of the "Household Chores" adventure. Create adventures in the Adventures screen from the bottom navigation bar.

  • Assign Buddy: Heros sometimes can't do it all alone. For Adventures that you share with buddies, you can assign a quest to a buddy.

  • Repeat this Quest: For reminders, routines, and habits. You can set up a quest to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly.

Action Buttons

When you view a quest, there are many action buttons on the bottom of the quest card.

action buttons for a quest

  • complete quest: Complete this quest.

  • pin quest: Pin this quest to the top of the quests list.

  • copy quest: Make a copy of this quest, say, if you'd like to do the same quest again.

  • edit quest: Go into Edit mode and Edit this quest.

  • lock quest: Lock this quest until a later time, or until another quest is completed, or until manually unlocked later. You can use quest locking to hide away lower priority quests.

  • expire quest: Expire this quest, which closes it with zero points.

  • delete quest: Delete this quest, which removes it from record.

Mark Quest as "In Progress"

If you are the assigned hero of a quest, you can mark it as in progress by clicking on your avatar.

You can undo this by clicking on your avatar again.

mark quest as in progress

Action Buttons for a Completed Quest

For a completed quest, you will see action buttons specific to its completion status.

action buttons for a completed quest

  • undo completion: Mark this quest as open again.
  • change completion time: Change the completion time of this completed quest. For example, if you completed a quest yesterday but forgot to mark it, you can change the completion time to yesterday.

Edit Quest

When you edit a quest with the edit button, you can update any of the quest options.

editing a quest

Quest Checkboxes

Sometimes a quest can have subtasks that you'd like to further break down and keep track. You can do so with quest checkboxes.

a quest can have checkboxes

When you are editing a quest, you can also add checkboxes, as well as edit, sort, or delete existing checkboxes.

you can edit the checkboxes

Repeat Quest

You can set up a quest to repeat with the Repeat this Quest button when you are editing a quest. This button opens up a "Repeat this Quest" user interface.

modal to set up a repeat quest

Here, you can set up the quest to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly. At the desginated time, a copy of this quest will be created automatically.

an automatically created repeat quest

If you want to edit this repeat quest, for example, change the cadence or number of points, you can find the source quest within the Adventure Details screen.

repeat quest's source copy can be found within its adventure

Lock Quest

Sometimes a quest is not ready to be worked on until a later time. In this case, you can use Lock Quest to keep your quest list clean and organized.

lock quest button

Clicking on the Lock Quest button brings up the "Lock Quest" user interface.

the lock quest modal

Here, you can set a date and time when you want to unlock this quest. At the designated time, this quest will be unlocked automatically.

Alternatively, you can lock the quest by "dependency", so that it's unlocked automatically when a blocking quest in the same adventure is completed.


You can add notes to a quest by clicking on the "Add a Note" button on the lower right corner.

the add note button

A note can be an image, a text, or a combination of both.

If a quest has notes, they will be displayed below the quest detail card.

quest with notes