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· 9 min read
Procrastination can feel like a tough monster to beat. But you can beat it with strategies from marketing!

Do you often find yourself procrastinating or struggling to stay focused on your goals? It's a common problem, but there are powerful strategies you can use to overcome it. By adopting a marketing mindset, you can tap into tools like branding, packaging, and rewarding to make your tasks more appealing and easier to manage. Learn how to use these strategies in today's post!

· 6 min read
fishing is fun for many, but yet not so fun for others, because fun is personal

Recently, I came across a TED talk about the importance of having fun. As someone who is a big advocate of using fun for productivity, I was excited to see that there is scientific evidence that backs up the importance of fun. Afterall, we are building HeroMode to make getting stuff done more fun! So in this post, we explore why fun is a key ingredient for both work and life, and how to leverage fun as a superpower for productivity.