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HeroMode: All-in-One Productivity App

· 7 min read
heromode can help you plan your day, manage your time and experience, and stay productive

We build HeroMode to help us manage all aspects of our work and life. We use HeroMode for everything ranging from project & task management, to structuring study & productivity sessions, to building healthy daily habits and routines.

Here are some ways I use HeroMode.

“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.” – Franz Kafka.

Sometimes it takes a hero to be super productive in a day. Everybody has the same 24 hours, yet some people have fascinating ways to get the most out of these 24 hours. What is the secret? Will power? Self discipline? Fewer hours of sleep?

Turns out there are many tools that can help with time management, so you can be more efficient throughout the day. And by many, I mean many, many, many. There are countless productivity and time management applications available. Some are focused on task management, some on habit building, some on studying, reading, and even staying hydrated.

Our goal with HeroMode is to be the one app you need to organize both your work and life, so you don't have to juggle multiple applications to stay on top of your work projects while also building meaningful habits.

Let me describe some ways I'm using HeroMode.

Pomodoro with HeroMode for Studying

The famed Pomodoro Technique is commonly used for time management. It's typically structured as a few 25-minute concentrated work sessions, with short breaks in between, as depicted below.

a pomodoro timer used to structure focus time; you can use heromode to set up pomodoro sessions as quests

One effective way to manage your schedule and be productive is by setting up Pomodoro sessions on the HeroMode app. For me, as a final-year engineering student, I constantly struggle with staying on top of my schedule. Like many others, the hours go by as I procrastinate, and soon I end up with piles of work to do right before the deadline.

So I started using HeroMode and set up Pomodoro sessions as quests. Each session contains two 25-minute studying time, with a short break in between.

using heromode to set up a pomodoro session as a quest to stay focused when studying

During each of such Pomodoro study session, I might review lecture notes, do homework, research lesson topics, or any task that I can complete within 25 minutes. And during break time, I grab a coffee or a snack, stretch a little bit, and then continue with the next 25-minute studying time.

After completing a study session, I can mark the quest as completed and get points! Such structure and rhythm really help me stay focused while I study. When I embark on a Pomodoro quest in HeroMode, I know it's time to stop procrastinating. I close all irrelevant apps and tabs and stay away from excessive internet surfing.

It feels easier to stay focused knowing that at the end of each study session, I'll get points. In addition, I can track my efforts and progress over time. For example, I can see if I'm studying for at least 5 hours everyday, and I can also see if I'm achieving my goal of studying 150 hours a month. It's really rewarding to see how all these study sessions are adding up!

Pomodoro with HeroMode for Reading

In a previous blog post, we described using HeroMode to achieve reading goals. Specifically, we talked about breaking down a reading adventure into many smaller quests, where each quest can be reading a chapter of a book.

For me, I like it better to structure my reading sessions with the pomodoro technique. For example, I set up quests for reading 25 minutes at a time. Even if I have a busy day, it's still likely that I actually have 25 minutes to read (but this time would've gone to, say, Netflix, without HeroMode). So I'd read for 25 minutes, progressing the book as much as I can, then complete this quest!

using heromode to set up a pomodoro session as a quest to stay focused when reading

Since I can copy quests with HeroMode, I can continue to create such 25-minute reading quests for the same book, until I finish it.

Building Habits with HeroMode

It is highly challenging for a person to establish a new routine. That's the bad news. But the good news is that once a routine is established, it's likely to last for a very long time.

Studies have shown that it takes more than two months to establish a change in behavior. Getting through these two months with will power alone is extremely difficult. It'd take a superhero to achieve such a feat!

Fortunately, there are many tools to help us build new habits. The essential element is in kick starting the habit loop, and keeping it going (below).

the habit loop consists of cue, routine, and reward, which can be managed with the heromode app

Keeping the habit loop going is what HeroMode's repeat quest functionality can do. I can set up repeat quests for the different habits I'd like to establish, and each habit quest would be automatically created every day. When I complete each quest, I get points! And I can see my progress over time with stats, activity calendars, and milestones. I feel rewarded and accomplished as I accumulate more and more points and reach my goals!

Here are some habits that HeroMode users are building:

  • Exercise and fitness
  • Diet and eating healthy
  • Remember to get up and stretch during the work day
  • Quit bad habits like browsing Reddit
  • Staying productive at work with productivity hours
  • Study hours with pomodoro sessions
  • and many more!

Staying Hydrated with HeroMode

And speaking of habits, we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of staying hydrated. During a busy day, like when I'm running from class to class, it's easy to forget to drink water.

How much water a person needs each day depends on lifestyle factors like diet and exercise. Some adapt the catchy "8×8" rule of drinking 8 glasses a day. For me, I set up a few repeat quests throughout the day to remind me to drink water.

repeat quests in heromode can remind you to stay hydrated throughout the day

No matter how chaotic my day gets, HeroMode will remind me three times a day to drink some water! You can set up such repeat quests at a frequency that works for you.

Everything in One Place

What I like most about HeroMode is that I can manage all aspects of my life and study in one place. By creating multiple adventures, I can track my progress for studying, reading, exrcising, and even hydration. And with repeat quests, I can stay motivated and keep the habit loop going!

in heromode, you can have multiple adventures to manage habits, projects, tasks, goals, chores, everything!

Above: The multiple adventures I have in HeroMode that help me manage my studying, reading, and habits.

With HeroMode, everything is manageable in one place. Let it be about adopting a new habit, managing your projects, tasks, or chores, or sticking to a goal!