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How We Use HeroMode: Quitting Reddit, Part 3

· 3 min read
heromode can help you stay away from bad habits, such as browsing reddit excessively

In this post, I finally complete my Adventure to quit Reddit! Thanks to HeroMode, I've been off Reddit for 415 days. At this point, I have forgotten what doom scrolling on Reddit used to feel like, and the grip it used to have on me. I've formed new routines, and content with this new norm without Reddit. If you have a bad habit that you are struggling to kick, or a new habit you wish to adopt, maybe HeroMode can help you too!

This post is the final installment of the "Quitting Reddit" trilogy. You can see the original post here, and Part 2 here.

Quitting a bad habit is really, really hard. For me, one bad habit I've tried to quit over the years is doom scrolling on Reddit. I've had multiple attempts, but it wasn't until last August, when I started to use HeroMode to track my progress, that I finally was able to consistently stay off Reddit.

The HeroMode Habit Tracker Recipe

HeroMode can be used to track any habit. By combining repeat quests with the motivating rewards of points and coins, HeroMode can keep your habit loop going, joyfully.

For my quitting Reddit journey, I created an Adventure dedicated to this effort. Every night at 10pm, a repeat quest of "No Reddit today" is automatically created. I picked 10pm as this is usually the time I'm most tempted to browse Reddit.

Since starting this Adventure last August, like clockwork, I've been able to complete the "No Reddit today" quest every day. Unlike all my previous unsuccessful attempts, with HeroMode, I feel at ease and have not experienced the antsiness that used to occur. Maybe it's because I don't have to exert willpower with HeroMode!

Completing the Adventure!

With activity calendar and streaks, I can see how many days I've been off Reddit. The number kept accumulating, which further motivated me to keep going.

After months and months, I no longer feel any urge to browse Reddit. Now, I feel I have totally forgotten the draw that Reddit used to have on me. I have adjusted my routine, which no longer includes Reddit. And in this new norm, I'm content.

So, a few days ago, I decided I'm ready to complete the Adventure!

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Do you have a bad habit you want to kick? Or a new habit you've wanted to adopt? Give HeroMode a try, and I hope it'll help you as much as it has helped me!