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Got a Big Quest? Divide and Conquer with HeroMode v6.9 Release!

· 3 min read
HeroMode v6.4 is now released!

Thanks to a couple of wonderful suggestions from a HeroMode user, we have released v6.9 with new motivation features! Break down your big, challenging quests into multiple parts, and get rewarded as you complete each part! In addition, you can now assign more points to each quest, up to 5 points! This also means that a quest can earn up to 5 Piggy Coins! We hope these new features will keep you motivated as you tackle your big goals!

Image Credit: stockgiu

One of my favorite parts of HeroMode development is getting feedbacks from users. Hearing how people are using HeroMode for their own unique use cases is always fascinating. Even better when the user proposes features that make HeroMode better!

The newly released HeroMode v6.9 is a result of one such user feedback:

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Stay Motivated with Bite-Sized Quests

One very important method to stay motivated is to break down a big task into smaller, bite-sized chunks. That way, you will continuously feel a sense of accomplishment as you complete each part.

We designed HeroMode with this philosophy in mind. Along your Adventure, you can create many Quests, each of which is a small step towards your goal.

But as a user pointed out, sometimes a Quest is still too big. For example, what if you have a Quest to complete an online course, or read a book, or write a proposal? These quests can take a whole day to complete. Even if you break down the quest into, say, one chapter of the book at a time, it can still take hours to read one chapter. That's a long time to stay focused on one task!

Thanks to this user's suggestion, we have implemented the "Divide and Conquer" option! As shown in the demo above, you can now break down a quest into multiple parts! When you complete each smaller part, you'll get rewarded with points and coins!

Reward Yourself Handsomely (up to 5 Points)

Another way to stay motivated is to entice yourself with a big reward. We have heard from multiple users that, sometimes, the 3 points maximum per quest is just not enough to get them going on a particularly challenging task.

So, in addition to the "Divide and Conquer" feature, we also increased the maximum points per quest to 5 in HeroMode v6.9! Now, for a very daunting task, not only can you break it down into multiple parts, but you can also give yourself 3, 4, or even 5 points for each part!

What's Next?

We are constantly brainstorming new features to make HeroMode more motivating. At the moment, we are thinking through how to add badges to HeroMode, so users have more ways to show off their accomplishments. And as always, we'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions! You can reach us at