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v6.13 Release: Repeat a Quest on Demand!

· 4 min read
HeroMode v6.13 release introduces repeat on demand.

In this blog post, we introduce a new HeroMode feature in the v6.13 release - Repeat on Demand! This helps you create flexible repeat quests for tasks that don't necessarily follow a strict schedule, such as workout routines, trip checklists, or intermittent chores. Check out this new feature and how it can help you organize and manage your tasks.

We have just rolled out HeroMode v6.13 on the web, and the iOS update will also be released over the next few days. In this new release, we introduce a new way to organize your quests: Repeat on Demand!

Repeat a Quest on Demand

There are already many ways to organize recurring tasks in HeroMode by using the Repeat Quest functionality. For example, you can set up a quest to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly. With repeat quest, you can easily manage routines and build good habits.

However, setting up a repeat quest means there is some regularity in the schedule. Yet, there are also quests that need to be repeated in a more ad hoc fashion. For example, while I try to exercise a few times each week, which days I can actually do it varies. So I tend to be a bit of an opportunist when it comes to working out. In this case, it's quite tedious to create a new quest with all my workout routine steps.

So it makes a lot of sense to support a more flexible way of repeat quest creation: repeat on demand! Now when you set up a new quest to repeat, there is an option to repeat the quest on demand, instead of on a schedule.

The new repeat on demand option in HeroMode v6.13.

A quest set up to repeat on demand does not get auto created. Instead, whenever you need to do this task, you can create a copy of this quest with the "+" button.

Use the + button to create a copy of a repeat quest.
Prompt to confirm creation of a repeat quest on demand.

Remember, you can find all repeat quests for an adventure by navigating to the Adventures screen. And the "+" button is actually available for all repeat quests! You can use it to create an instance of a repeat quest outside of its regular schedule.

Use Cases

The very first repeat-on-demand quest I set up is the workout routine. Specifically, when I get a chance, I love to go for a run outside. There is a nice running track at a nearby school, where I'd run 12 laps for a good workout. Obviously keeping track of the number of laps can be tedious, so I use checkboxes to keep count. And with repeat on demand, if I have an hour window, say, on the weekends, then I can create one "Run laps" quest and off I go!

Repeat on demand use case: workout routine.

Combining quest checkboxes and repeat on demand means we can create checklists whenever we need. For example, a checklist for when you take a trip.

Repeat on demand use case: trip checklist.

Or, use repeat on demand to keep track of chores and subtasks when you need it.

Repeat on demand use case: cleaning checklist.

We hope you will find repeat on demand helpful! And as always, if you have any suggestions, you can reach us at!