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v2.2 Release

Date: October 19, 2022

Announcement: Blog post here.

Platform: iOS

New Features:

  • Expired quests: Users can now mark a quest as "expired" instead of deleting it from the record. Expired quests are also tracked in Stats and Activity Calendars.

  • When user has many repeat quests piled up for the same quest (e.g., coming back to the app after a few days), previously the stale repeat quests would not be created, only the most recent one is created. In v2.2, the user now has the option to create and expire those stale repeat quests to keep them in record.

Feature Updates:

  • Stats now displays points with three timeframes: daily, weekly, and monthly. The "monthly" timeframe replaces the previous "all-time" timeframe.

  • Users can now copy or repeat a quest, even if the quest itself was a copy or repeat quest.

UI Updates:

  • We have merged the Quest Copy Button and the Repeat Quest Button. The Quest Copy Button now brings up the "Copy or Repeat this Quest" interface.

  • Copying a quest automatically brings the user to the previous Quests List page and scrolls to the top of the list (where the newly copied quest will be created).

Performance Improvements:

  • Database synchronization when buddies share repeat quests. This is to prevent the same repeat quest being created by multiple users when they share the repeat quest.