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v1.0 Release

Date: July 27, 2022

Announcement: Blog post here.

Platform: iOS


  • End-to-end encryption
  • Offline support
  • Multi-device sync
  • Collaboration with buddies
  • Scoreboard with buddies
  • Stats & Progress
  • Quest locking
  • Repeat quests
  • Adventure & Quest change logs
  • Mementos for notes & photos
  • ... and functionalities described in HeroGuide

Offline Support

Most operations in HeroMode can be performed offline, but some still require internet connection. For example, creating, editing, deleting quests and adventures can all be performed offline. When internet connection is regained, data sync will happen automatically in the background. Operations that do not support offline mode are: logging into account; managing account; retrieving mementos; adding cover photos and uploading memento photos.


You can do ~80% of the functionalities in HeroMode while offline. But you do need to be logged in since authentication requires internet. As long as you are logged in before losing internet connection, you should be able to use HeroMode normally, except image uploads and loading new mementos.

Multi-device sync

You can log into your HeroMode account on any iOS device to access your data.

Stats & Progress

You can see points tabulation for you and buddies broken down by day, week, and all-time. Points tabulation is available within each adventure detail view, where points for you and buddies on this adventure are displayed. Points tabulation is also available in your Hero page, where all your points across all your adventures are displayed.


Feature Roadmap

Streaks will be in the next release!

Change logs

Each adventure and quest has a change log to see who changed what and when. An example screenshot below. You can see which user edited the quest, started working on it, and completed it. Currently the changelog does not have deeper granularity on editing. It logs when an adventure / quest was edited but not about which specific field (for example, if a user edited adventure title or description).