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v2.0 Release

Date: September 28, 2022

Announcement: Blog post here.

Platform: iOS

New Features:

  • Copy a quest
  • Pause & unpause a repeat quest
  • Quest checkboxes
  • Adventure Milestons
  • Activity calendars

Performance Improvements:

  • Quests list optimization
  • Offline functionality improvement (repeat quest creation; quest unlocking)
  • An offline message is added to alert user about offline status
  • Audit log is now available for source quests (the source copy of repeat quests)

UI Improvements:

  • Add Adventure , Add Quest , and Add Memento buttons have been updated to be large size, medium size, and small size, respectively. This is to differentiate the buttons better in the app, and also highlight the task organization depth of Adventure → Quest → Memento.