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HeroMode v2 Release! And what we are Planning for v3

· 5 min read
heromode v2 ios app has been released in the app store

HeroMode v2 is now available in the App Store!

We have added a lot of new functionalities to make getting stuff done more joyful:

  • Activity Calendars: see patterns and trends of all your efforts
  • Adventure Milestones: track progress and celebrate reaching your goals
  • Quest Checkboxes: deeper organization of subtasks
  • Pause & Resume a repeat quest: take a break when you are on a break
  • Copy a quest: easily repeat a quest one time

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback -- you can email us at

A month ago, we announced that HeroMode v2 would be released in September 2022. Today, on the second to last day of September, I'm excited to announce that the new release is now available in the App Store!

Turn the Motivation Up, Up, Up!

With the new v2, we want to make getting stuff done more motivating, and therefore, fun! So we have added Activity Calendars, where you can see how all your efforts are adding up.

Above: We have been using v2 internally for a couple of months now, including using it to manage the development of HeroMode! This is our activity calendar for the HeroMode development adventure.

While Activity Calendars show effort, Adventure Milestones show results! With Adventure Milestones, we can set goals along the adventure, so we stay focused as we aim for the next milestone.

Above: Adventure Milestones allow you to track the goals you have for an adventure, and celebrate the moments when you reach them.

Deeper Organization with Quest Checkboxes

In HeroMode v1, we have the heirachy of Adventures → Quests. Adventures are the larger scope, like a project. Quests are the bite-sized action items.

But even within a quest, sometimes we have subtasks. Maybe they are steps, or maybe they are the "acceptance criteria" of quest completion. Either way, we need another layer of organization.

So in HeroMode v2, checkboxes are now available in quests. And we have been enjoying this new functionality!

checkboxes are now available in quests in heromode for deeper subtask organizationanother example of how we use checkboxes in heromode: workout routine

Above: Two examples of how we have been using checkboxes in quests.

Life Organization: Flexibile and Easy

As we use HeroMode every day to organize our work and life, often we think of features that we would like to have.

For example, I was on a trip last month, and some of the repeat quests that kept generating were not relevant while traveling. I wish I could take a break! So we added the ability to Pause and Resume repeat quests.

repeat quests in heromode can now be paused and resumedpausing a repeat quest is useful for example when you need a little break

Above: You can now Pause and Resume repeat quests, so you can take a break!

Another example is the "Copy Quest" functionality. Sometimes we just want to do the same quest again, and it's tedious to re-enter all the quest information. So a new "Copy Quest" functionality has been added in HeroMode v2. For me, this is especially convenient for quests with checkboxes, like my workout routine. I'd make a copy of previous day's workout routine quest, and work through each checkbox, making adjustment to the sets and reps as I go!

quest copying is now available in heromode v2

Above: You can now copy a quest in HeroMode v2!

Looking Ahead to v3

Beyond v2, we have a lot of works planned for v3 that are already underway. For v3, we want to bring HeroMode to desktop, so we can create a true multi-platform experience. Personally I'm really looking forward to this. While it's been great to use HeroMode on my phone and on the go, still, I spend a lot of time in front of a computer. I'm excited for the day when I can have a HeroMode tab open in my browser and manage my quests with the added flexibility.

And we are constantly thinking of ways to make doing stuff more fun and motivating. We will be making some improvements to how stats are presented, and add more information within activity calendars. And, as always, we'd love to hear how to make HeroMode more useful to you. You can email us with your thoughts and suggestions at