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v5.4 Release

Date: May 1, 2023

Platforms: web, Chrome extension, iOS.


  • Background Music and Sound Effects!!! Enjoy relaxing background music and pick from three tracks, or turn it off.

  • Info Centers: now available in Manage Account screen, Piggy Screen, Quest List screen, Quest Detail screen, and Repeat Quest Source Copy screen.

  • Activity calendar color thresholds are now dynamically calculated to easily detect patterns in your productivity!

Performance Improvements:

  • Activity Calendar performance has been improved by fixing an n^2 calculation
  • Number of buddies an adventure can have is now set to max 4.

Bug Fix:

  • Stats toggle backtracking is fixed to handle daylight saving, when each day does not have 24 hours.


  • We have deprecated the Piggy customization that allows turning off Piggy for an Adventure. Now Piggy is on for every Adventure and is a core part of the HeroMode experience. See this blog post for more context.