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· 8 min read
heromode can motivate you to eat healthy and stay active

We also use HeroMode to stay healthy, be active, and eat better. HeroMode helps maintain these daily habits by

  • automatically creating repeat quests to keep the Cue → Routine → Reward loop going
  • adapting to our lives with flexibility
  • keeping us motivated with points, activity calendar, and milestones
  • leveraging social power with adventure buddies

· 9 min read
we use the heromode productivity app to manage the software development process of heromode

HeroMode can also be used as a project management tool. For example, we have been using HeroMode to manage the software development process of HeroMode. It allows us to:

  • Manage our tasks in a motivating way
  • Prioritize what we need to do with sorting and quest locking
  • Record notes and screenshots with Mementos
  • Visualize progress with points stats and activity calendar
  • Create milestones to celebrate all meaningful moments

· 6 min read
using the heromode productivity app to manage and track reading goals

Motivation for reading was one of our earliest HeroMode use cases. Here are some tips that have worked for us that we hope will also work for you to reach your reading goals:

  • Break down a book into chapters or even pages. Split it into multiple Quests.
  • "Chain up" the quests by using the "Lock Quest" functionality. When you finish a chapter, the next quest will be automatically unlocked!
  • Create Adventures based on how challenging you anticipate the reading goal to be. For a particularly thick and heavy book, you can create an adventure just for this book. Alternatively, you can create an adventure for multiple books - say, based on a topic, theme, or a yearly goal.