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HeroMode v3.0 Release: Web App!

· 3 min read
HeroMode v3 is now released as a web app!

HeroMode v3 is now available as a web app! You can use it at

All the HeroMode functionalities in the iOS app are also there in the web app. Now you can manage all your adventures and quests across multiple devices!

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback -- you can email us at

Happy New Year! As we welcome 2023, I'm excited to announce the arrival of the HeroMode web app! You can now use HeroMode on your computer, within your browser by visiting

Your HeroMode, Now Available in Browser

Ever since we first released the HeroMode iOS app back in July of 2022, we have been dreaming of the day we make HeroMode cross-platform. We want to use HeroMode to organize all our work and life, and work and life happen beyond just our phones. Most of work, in fact, happens on our computers!

So our goal was to bring the HeroMode experience to the web broswer. To be honest, it took us longer than we had hoped. And we will have another post about the technical challenges our very small, single-digit dev team faced. For now, let's get a quick tour of the HeroMode Web App!

When you first visit, you can sign into your account. If you don't already have a HeroMode account, you can create one with password or Google credential. The HeroMode web app does not support Apple Sign In just yet, unlike the iOS app.

You can now use HeroMode as a web app.

Synchronized Adventures and Quests Across Devices

Once you are logged into your HeroMode account, all your adventures and quests are automatically synchronized between your phone and the web app.

For example, you will see the same quests list across your devices.

Your quests and adventures are synchronized across devices.Your quests can be managed both on your phone and computer.

And similarly, you can manage your adventures within the web app just like on your phone.

Your adventures can be managed both on your phone and computer.Data synchronization happens automatically to allow you flexible and secure access.

You can organize your adventures and quests on any device. All new items, edits, completions, etc., will automatically be synchronized to any device with your HeroMode account!

Manage Your Adventures and Quests From Anywhere

With the release of HeroMode v3 as a web app, you now have more flexibility on how you use HeroMode. When you are on the go, HeroMode is there as a mobile app. When you are working on your computer, HeroMode is there in your browser tab. Of course, we still need to bring HeroMode to Android, and we are working on that!

As always, we'd love to hear how to make HeroMode more useful to you. You can email us with your thoughts and suggestions at