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HeroMode v2 is Coming Soon!

· 4 min read
heromode app v2 is coming soon

We are getting ready to release HeroMode v2! In this release, we are adding a bunch of new functionalities, including:

  • Copy a quest
  • Pause & unpause a repeat quest
  • Quest checkboxes
  • Adventure Milestones
  • Activity calendars

We are very excited to get HeroMode v2 out into the world. It'll be available September 2022.

We have been hard at work adding new functionalities into the upcoming HeroMode v2 release. Here are the features that have been implemented.

Checkboxes in Quests

Who doesn't love checkboxes when it comes to task organization? We have added checkboxes to quests! Now you can have checkboxes within your quests.

For example, below is a demo quest for working out that contains several checkboxes. We also use the checkboxes functionality for quests like grocery shopping, physical therapy regimen, quest completion requirements, and just generally any types of subtasks.

v2 heromode feature: checkboxes in quests for deeper task organization

Copy a Quest

And now that we can add checkboxes to quests, a quest can become quite elaborate. For example, the working out quest above takes some time to set up, and is not meant to be a one-time thing!

We have added a new button to copy a quest. Because "if something is worth doing, it's worth doing twice."

v2 heromode feature: copying a quest conveniently

Alternative to copying the quest (a new feature coming in v2), you can already make the quest a repeating quest. For example, a quest like "working out" would likely be set up as a daily, or a-few-days-a-week repeating quest, which is a functionality already available in v1! More on repeating quests here.

Adventure Milestones

HeroMode is all about making it more fun to do what you need to do and achieve what you want to achieve. And one major feedback we have received with v1 is that we are missing Milestones for Adventures. We need ways to know how far we have come and how much progress we have made.

So we are introducing Adventure Milestones in v2. For each of your adventure, you will be able to see the default milestones (creating the adventure, completing the first quest, totalling 100 points, etc). In addition, you can define your own milestones relevant for your adventure.

v2 heromode feature: adventure milestones to track and celebrate reaching your goals

Activity Calendars

And speaking of progress, we wanted to add more ways to motivate us and more ways to remind ourselves how all our efforts are adding up to something meaningful. So we have added activity calendars in two places within HeroMode.

First, you can see all your activities summarized in a calendar within your Hero page, like below.

v2 heromode feature: activity calendars to visualize your progress and hard work

In addition, you can see the activities broken down by adventures by accessing the calendar within each adventure. You can also see your buddy's activity for that adventure!

v2 heromode feature: activity calendars to visualize your progress and hard work, and compare with your buddies and collaborators

HeroMode v2 Coming Soon

We are planning to release HeroMode v2 in September 2022. At the moment, we are doing a lot of internal testing and making documentation updates. Stay tuned!