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How We Use HeroMode: Making Minimal Fast Tracker

· 5 min read
HeroMode helps me stay organized and motivated on my side project called Minimal Fast Tracker!

We have just launched a new app called "Minimal Fast Tracker". It's a side project that we were able to bring to completion in about a month. Along the way, HeroMode has been very helpful as always. Specifically:

  • We used HeroMode to manage the project, and to keep track of the tasks.
  • We used HeroMode to prioritize this project relative to others.
  • We used HeroMode to stay focused on the most important tasks.

In this post, we'll share more about the app, and how we used HeroMode to launch it!

Phase 0: Idea

Earlier this year, some of my friends started to incorporate intermittent fasting into their lifestyle. And they shared with me many of the benefits they've learned, as well as experienced first hand. I was intrigued. My meal schedule had already been revamped due to the pandemic. I've been eating two meals a day, finding it to be a good fit for me. So the idea of further testing out new meal schedules was appealing to me.

I tried a few 24-hour fasts over the span of two months. I found it to be challenging, but also rewarding. Then, naturally, I looked for a fast tracking app to help me keep a record. I got some recommendations, and also tried a few more from the App Store. But none of them was as simple as I'd like. I wanted something that's minimal, fast, and easy to use. Specifically, I don't want another subscription for something as simple as fast tracking. So, I decided to build Minimal Fast Tracker.

Phase 1: Design

Once I decided to build the app, the first step is to create an adventure in HeroMode!

Minimal fast tracker adventure

Then, I set up the GitHub repository and project skeleton, similar to other mobile apps we have built. The difference though is that instead of coding, I first spent some time on the app design.

We don't have a designer on our team, and we've felt this pain point for a while. For example, we feel there's a lot of room for improvement on the HeroMode UI. I've also previously worked on another project, where I was fortunate to pair up with a designer. The designer created beautiful layouts in Figma, which really accelerated the development process. So, I decided to give Figma a try.

v1 of the layoutv2 of the layoutv3 of the layoutv4 of the layoutv5 of the layout, which is the final version

Above: Quick iterations on Minimal Fast Tracker layout in Figma.

Clearly my Figma-fu is not as strong as a professional designer. But Figma is so easy to use, and I was able to quickly iterate on the design, getting to a version that I'm happy with.

Phase 2: Coding

Now that I have a design, I can start coding. My goal is to make the app as fast as I can. So over the course of a few weeks, I worked on it whenever I have a little bit of free time. I would open up HeroMode, and pick a task to work on.

After a month, we have a working app, and submitted it to the App Store! Compared to Yaaker, which took a few months from idea to launch, Minimal Fast Tracker took a lot less time.

screenshot of the app (1)screenshot of the app (2)screenshot of the app (3)screenshot of the app (4)screenshot of the app (5)

Above: Screenshots of the Minimal Fast Tracker app, coming to an App Store near you!

How HeroMode Helped to Launch Minimal Fast Tracker

I've used HeroMode to manage several projects now, including Yaaker. And a well-defined process has emerged:

  • Create a HeroMode adventure for the project.
  • Break down the project into specific tasks.
  • Evaluate the priority of this project relative to others. Use Quest Pinning to stay focused on the most important project.
  • When I have a little bit of free time, check which HeroMode quest I can pick up and work on.

This process is starting to feel more effortless (as I have more practice). For example, my goal for Minimal Fast Tracker is to make it as fast as possible. And while it can still be faster, it is the shortest development cycle we've had so far. And still we introduced a new skillset (Figma) into our workflow.

Do you have a side project? Do you find it difficult to push it forward and take it to the finish line? Maybe HeroMode would be helpful for you too!