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We Launched HeroMode to Product Hunt!

· 2 min read
HeroMode v6.4 is now released!

We finally launched HeroMode to Product Hunt! This gave me a chance to describe HeroMode with one of my favorite memes:

"Have fun?" or "Get stuff done?"

"Why not both!" -- that's the HeroMode way!

HeroMode - The joyful productivity app that motivates | Product Hunt

It took us more than a year, but we finally launched HeroMode to Product Hunt!

Preparing for the launch gave us a chance to describe what HeroMode is to a new audience. Thank you for all the support so far! We are really grateful for all the Product Hunters who upvoted us, and we have already received amazingly thoughtful feedbacks. We are especially thankful for the Product Hunter who called HeroMode his "favorite thing on Product Hunt today". HeroMode is motivating, but it's even more motivating to hear this is something that people want!

HeroMode description 1HeroMode description 2HeroMode description 3HeroMode description 4HeroMode description 5