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Expanded Adventure Gallery: More Cover Image Options!

· 2 min read
More adventure cover image options!

We have expanded the Adventure Gallery with more cover image options! Now, the gallery includes two sections: adventure templates, and additional cover image options. The templates section contains ten common adventure use cases, such as "Fitness", "Productivity", and "Build a New Habit". The additional cover image section contains 24 more cover images, adding more options on how you can easily customize your adventures. We hope you'll like it!

Last month we introduced Adventure Templates to make it easier to create and customize new adventures. And I'm glad to hear positive feedbacks from the users! In addition, we got more feedbacks: how about even more cover image options? Especially, simpler, icon-like cover images. So, as part of the v4.5 release, we added 24 more cover images!

Now, when you edit or create a new adventure, you will see the "Template and Image Gallery" button. Clicking on it will open the Adventure Gallery, where you can see the same adventure templates as before. And scrolling down, you will also see the new cover images.

More adventure cover image options!

And because these cover images are simpler (more like icons and less like images), you might find them more aesthetically pleasing in the Quest List.

More adventure cover image options!

Need More Cover Images? Let Us Know!

We wish to provide cover images for common use cases for adventures. For example, reading, writing, studying, work productivity, health, exercise, child care, pet care, plant care, etc. If there is any other use case you'd like to see, just let us know at We'd be more than happy to keep on expanding the Adventure Gallery!