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Manage Account

In the Manage Account screen, you can:

  • See your account information.
  • Upgrade to Full Hero for unlimited quests and adventures.
  • Or downgrade back to Free Hero.
  • Update your music and sounds settings.
  • Log out of your account.


On the bottom of the Manage Account screen, there is the Settings card.

manage account settings

You can pick the background music, or turn it off. You can also control sound effects.

Note, on the HeroMode web app and chrome extension, background music is turned off by default.

If you'd like background music, you need to turn it on each time you load HeroMode in the web app or chrome extension.

This is because automatically playing sounds in a web browser is typically not a great user experience.

On mobile, background music is turned on by default. You can turn it off, and the setting is saved for the device.